City council to vote on parking increase

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — The North Charleston City Council will vote Thursday to increase parking at the North Charleston Coliseum from $5 to $7.

If the resolution passes, it would be the first increase since 2008 when the price increased from $4 to $5.

City Council member Ron Brinson says the rate hike is necessary to maintain operating costs.

“We have not broken even in this operation since 2004 and the deficit now is running more than a hundred thousand a year,” he said. 

He also says cost of labor, maintenance, and other operating fees have dramatically increased since 2008, even while parking fees have remained the same.

The city council’s resolution states various committees have “studied sources of revenue available to the city”, and as a result, has “authorized the increase of city facility parking fees from $5 to $7.”

That resolution still needs to be approved by city council before it goes into effect. If approved, the parking fee increase will take effect on Wednesday, March 1.

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