Michael Slager's lawsuit against Police Benevolent Association dismissed

A dispute over legal fees for Michael Slager in the shooting death of Walter Scott has been dismissed. Court documents show a lawsuit of the former North Charleston police officer against the Southern States Police Benevolent Association was officially dismissed Tuesday.

The order signed by U.S. District Judge David C. Norton states attorneys for both Slager and the PBA have "settled." It also states that attempts to make good on the settlement agreement between both parties must happen within 60 days, or either side can reopen the lawsuit.

Specifics on the settlement are not listed in the judge's order.

The PBA dropped Slager as a client shortly after the cellphone video of the shooting surfaced. Slager argued he paid dues to the PBA with the understanding they would cover any legal costs related to an on-the-job shooting.

The PBA argued Slager lied to SLED investigators and PBA officials, which violated the agreement with the PBA.

Slager is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to use of excessive force.

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