Affidavit: Brittany Simpson tried to sink gun, clothes in creek after father's murder

The attorney for a woman accused of shooting and killer her father says she has been unemployed due to a disability.

It's unknown what disability Brittany Simpson battles, but a friend of the family was at her bond hearing Wednesday and said her mother "asked her to come to court and beg Brittany to tell the truth."

"Your family and everybody involved in this situation just hopes that you'll tell the truth. It's time to tell the truth and be honest. Honesty will set you free," the family friend said.

The 31-year-old only spoke to the judge Wednesday. According to an affidavit, she confessed to officers that she killed her father.

The affidavit states Simpson changed clothes after the incident, put them in a backpack with a loaded pistol, and tied it to a pink dumbbell to submerge it Molasses Creek.

Court records show the shooting happened after the family went through the process of having Brittany Simpson evicted.

"This is a tragedy that has affected their entire family," attorney David Aylor said. "Right now we're trying to gain more information to determine what the next step should be. "...What's been disclosed is going to be the only information that will be public at this time.

The judge denied Simpson's bond Wednesday.

Brittany Simpson is from Mount Pleasant and is a graduate of Wando High School.

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