Death of his Child - Father Fighting for Justice

A Lowcountry father is pleading for justice for his one-year-old daughter. The girls’ mother, Dijanelle Fowler, is accused of killing her last summer. Louis Williams II is now sharing his side of the story in an exclusive interview and hopes when the judge hears his story, the time will match the crime.

“If someone says I love God, but hates a fellow believer, that person is a liar.” Williams said.

“For if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God whom we cannot see,” Scripture, Louis Williams II wrote down during his deployment.

Lessons from the book of 1 John he hoped to share with his daughter Sklyar Diane. “I wrote to her, baby girl, love others as god loves you,” Williams continued.

Letters she will never read. Skylar died in June of 2017 after being left in a hot car for more than five hours. “The last thing I want to believe is that my daughter's mom could be capable of something like that.” Williams added.

Dijanelle Fowler is accused of leaving Skylar in the car on a hot summer day in June while she spent hours getting her hair braided. She would spend days telling different stories of what happened. “She woke up in the hospital and Skylar was dead; that was the first story DJ told me.”

Williams said none of them were true and Fowler would later confess in a recorded conversation what really happened.

“I left the car running and left her in there. I got to the hair salon, I turned the A.C. up higher than normal.” Fowler said in a recorded conversation.

Williams said police determined the car battery died and later proved she never checked on the child. Fowler is due in court Wednesday; set to take a plea deal .“13 to 20 years is just unjust, considering everything they have. They’ve got video surveillance of her in the salon, they’ve got tons of reports of her lying.”

Williams will head to Atlanta; it will be his first time speaking in front of the courts, pleading for justice for Skylar Diane.

Skylar died while Williams was deployed. He says he never viewed her body and planned to remember her as the vibrant baby she was.

Fowler, originally from New Jersey— played basketball at Charleston Southern University. She has remained in a Georgia jail since her arrest.

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