Racist Social Media Post Concerns Cadets @ Citadel

Charleston, S.C (WCIV) — “It just really misrepresents what I believe in. It really misrepresents what we stand for and what me and my friends believe,” said Matthew Loveland, a senior cadet at The Citadel.

He was upset to learn of another social media post with racist overtones. This time it’s a snapchat post of what appears to be a cadet wearing a Citadel sweatshirt. He used a vulgar term followed by a racial slur in the caption.

“This is one young man who at best made a poor decision and at worst is just a complete racist. But either way I think it’s best to marginalize those opinions,” Loveland said.

Pastor Thomas Dixon is a community organizer and civil rights activist. He said he didn’t know about the racist rant until ABC News 4 told him.

“In my eyesight there’s only one answer to the disciplinary question. And that’s immediate expulsion,” he said.

While he’s disappointed about the person’s lack of sensitivity, he’s hopeful administrators at The Citadel will take necessary steps to remind cadets about the consequences of racist social media messages.

“We need to always send strong messages to the rest of the community that this type of behavior is truly not just on paper but indeed not accepted by the administration here,” Dixon said.

Cadets like Loveland don’t want this incident to tarnish the image of their military college.“Try to leave behind the things that are done wrong and move forward,” he said.

ABC News 4 reached out to The Citadel’s communications and marketing department to find out if any action has been taken against the person who posted the pic, but a call wasn’t returned.

Pastor Dixon thinks this incident could lead to renewed efforts by state lawmakers to repeal the Heritage Act so the Confederate Naval Jack can be removed from Summerall Chapel.

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