Girls Scout Sells Over 300 Boxes Of Cookies Near Marijuana Dispensary

A nine-year-old Girl Scout from San Diego set up shop near a marijuana dispensary and sold over 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies over Super Bowl weekend. According to KGTV, the young girl, and her father loaded up the cookies in a wagon and spent six hours hanging out near the pot shop selling 312 boxes of cookies. 

The dispensary even got involved, taking a photo of the girl and posting it on their Instagram page. 

Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4pm! 🍃🍪 Have a friend that wants to #tagalong? Bring them with - shopping is more fun with friends anyways. 👭👬👫

While the nine-year-old was counting her cash, not everybody thought she should be outside a marijuana dispensary. Girl Scouts are allowed to "set up booths to sell cookies outside a business only if they get the proper permit from the business owner and only if it is done between Feb. 9 and March 11," reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Because the girl did not set up a booth and was just selling them out of a wagon, she was likely within the rules. Even if she was in compliance with the rules, some people do not believe "Pot and Girl Scout Fundraising go hand in hand."

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