Reaction of false tsunami alert for the Lowcountry & East Coast

You may have seen something unusual pop up on your phone Tuesday, an alert from AccuWeather warning about a tsunami.

Spring-like weather on Tuesday motivated people to take a stroll and layout under the sun at Marion Square, contradicting the push alert that was sent to the Lowcountry around 8:30 a.m.

For someone like Kim Jones who was in town for the Social Coast Forum to talk about coastal issues, the notification was ironic. "The timing of this morning’s warning was really bizarre in the sense that here we are as a group talking about communications and here is a piece of communication that may have incited worries."

Jones also said the timing wasn't right especially weeks after the missile alert crisis in Hawaii. "The timing of it isn’t good after the missile crisis that Hawaii just got several weeks ago, it sort of makes you feel as though the warning system and services might need to better coordinate the pushes of information.

The Lowcountry wasn't the only places that was issued the push alert as areas along the East Coast also got an AccuWeather notification, issuing a tsunami warning. The National Weather Service later said it was just a routine test that had a glitch. 

The alert appeared as a real warning to many mobile electronics.

The National Weather Service is now looking into the glitch.

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