New playground will accommodate children with disabilities

North Charleston Parks and Rec. plan to open up a new kind of playground in Park Circle. The Tri- County area could see it's first all- inclusive park, which will accommodate children with disabilities and other special needs.

Organizers feel that it is important that all children are able to play and interact with each other.

The Miracle League organization is helping out with the project, which is planned to be open by the spring of 2020.

The playground will even include a zip line that children in wheel chairs will have access to along with multi-sensory activities.

To get the process going, Kathy Kackley, a Program Director of North Charleston says that as soon as they have the money for the playground, they will be able to start.

Charleston local Dena Bailey is excited about the park, and she says that as the mother of a child with a disability, it is needed so that her daughter can play with children who don't have have disabilities. She feels that it will give her daughter more room since the playground will be made for wheel chairs in mind. Bailey says the park will include a slide that you can actually roll the wheelchair up and the child can slide down and scoot, while the person with the wheelchair can come back down.

Kackley says that the North Charleston Parks and Rec and Miracle League are raising money through grants, community involvement, corporations and other sponsors.

They will be holding a golf tournament on March 16, will all proceeds going towards the inclusive playground.

You can donate to the Miracle League by clicking here.

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