Berkeley County School District appoints new chief diversity officer

Berkeley County School District now has a new chief diversity officer. Dr. Glenda Levine was appointed to the position. Levine is no stranger to the district. She has worked in the district for over 20 years in various capacities. She is a former teacher, principal, director of secondary schools , and most recently was chief human resource officer. According to a press release, Doctor Levine is excited about the potential of this new office and. Levine indicated that diversity is crucial when looking at the staffing and student needs across the school district.

She will be working with stakeholder groups to gather feedback on the diversity needs of the school district. In a statement, Dr. Levine said "It is important for all voices to be heard across the school district and for stakeholders to see that intentional efforts are being made to address challenges and opportunities for growth related to diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion."

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