Allergy season is upon us in the Lowcountry


The recent warm weather changes have created layers of pollen in the Lowcountry air.

Allergist Immunologist, Carolyn Word, MD at Charleston Allergy & Asthma says they receive new pollen count test everyday, and results show that pollen is continuing to increase quickly in the air.

She also says that we typically see pollen here in January, but due to the snow storm we had last month, there was a slight delay in it starting.

We currently are receiving tree pollen, that is said to last until late Spring, grass pollen will soon take over after that.

She warns that with flu season still in effect, it is important to make sure that your symptoms of watery eyes, runny noses, and sneezing are allergy related.

Charleston Allergy & Asthma and other similar clinics are able to test for allergies.

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