Locals react to Dick's Sporting Goods new ban on assault-style rifles

A new debate occurred Wednesday morning after, the CEO and Chairman of Dick's Sporting Goods announced the company's ban on assault-style rifles.

Edward Stack says that he felt the need to remove the guns from his store, and raise the age restriction to purchase a gun to 21- years-old, after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Residents in the Lowcountry have mixed reactions to the store's stand towards gun violence.

Many preferred to state their responses off camera, but gun shop customer Keon Stanley said, "It's a good idea for everyone to be 21-years-old to be able to purchase a weapon."

"If the law says an 18-year-old can buy a gun, as long as they can legally buy it we're gonna sell it to them," said Arlyn Pendergast, owner and president of ATP Gun Shop and Range.

Some feel that the new rules are a positive step in dealing with gun violence, while others feel that it is not.

Since the announcement Wednesday morning, Walmart stores have also announced their new age restriction as well.

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