Cooper River Bridge Run days away, kids set goal to run

Days until tens of thousands of people will run across the Ravenel Bridge for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run. Among the crowd will be all of Louie's Kids.

“We made a lifesaving decision," Yvonne Pittman said.

On Monday’s and Wednesdays, a group of kids who all belong to a guy named Louie, get together for a workout. "We push together, when one man's down, we're all down. We never leave anybody," Pittman added.

Yvonne Pittman and her two kids are a part of the tribe known as Louie’s Kids. It was founded by Louis Yuhasz. His father was morbidly obese. Now he works with families like Yvonne and her children to keep them healthy.

"I was told by my doctors that my kids were extremely obese, severely obese actually."

They've created goals. Last year, it was to walk the bridge, this year it’s to run it. "I think I’ll be able to run a lot more." Pittman added.

Yvonne’s 15-year-old daughter, Yasmine LaFave said she’s seen changes. "It saved my life, it saved me by making me lose weight."

At 14-years-old, Yasmine was almost 300 pounds, on the verge of becoming a diabetic, in a year she's shed more than 60 pounds. "Never give up, if you think you can't do it, just grab a partner, start with walking and build your way up and you'll make your goal." LaFave said.

The workouts are intense, but Yvonne says she focused on the finish line. "Nothing could be better than to finish with these people."

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