Teens stole Mt. Pleasant kids' baked goods at lemonade stand


On Sunday morning, a few friends Raelynne, Addison, and Ella decided to bake muffins and cookies to sell at their lemonade stand.

The girls said they worked really hard to bake goods, which is why they were upset when they said two teens drove up and stole them all.

Addison's mom posted about the incident on Facebook and has since been shared over 15,000 times.

The girls said they were later alerted that a Go Fund Me page had been set up.

The page offers a reward for half of the money raised going to whoever can turn in the two teens.

The other half will be donated to KIDPOWER, a charity of the girls' choice, that specializes in the safety of children.

Raelynne, Addison, and Ella say that this incident will not stop them from running the lemonade stand, and they hope the two teens have learned their lesson.

No word yet on if police have any leads.

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