New Summerville Road Designed To Ease Traffic Burden On North Main St.

Summerville’s busy shopping corridor is known for congestion. North Main Street and Rackaway Drive are areas where drivers frequently get delayed.

“It’s very congested. I plan my trips around rush hour traffic because it’s getting more and more congested with so much more development in this area,” said Ann Shahid, who lives outside of Summerville but travels to Flowertown for shopping.

That’s one of the reasons why this dirt path behind the North Main Market shopping center is being turned into an avenue of opportunity.

“It’s important for us to try to relieve traffic on North Main Street and I think this road will do it,” said Summerville Mayor Wiley Johnson.

He and other local officials broke ground on the Mary Meade Road extension project on Thursday afternoon. At 1,500 feet in length, it will link Jockey Court at BJ’s Wholesale Club with Berlin G. Myers Parkway.

“It’s going to help the town. It’s going to help traffic. It’s going to help BJ’s. It’s going to help anybody that develops along it. It’s a win-win for everybody,” Mayor Johnson said.

Engineers say the two-lane road will cost just under $800,000. $400,000 will come from Summerville’s general fund. LED street lights will be installed near new sidewalks. For people like Ann Shahid, It’s a needed investment, “Anything that would alleviate congestion off Main Street here would be helpful."

What remains to be seen is how the road will impact traffic on Berlin G. Myers Parkway which is already crowded. Mayor Johnson explained how controlling growth and development is key to handling traffic.

For now, temporary help is on the way. Engineers say the extended Mary Meade Road could open in June. Russ Cornet, town engineer, told ABC News 4 the construction project will have minimal impact on nearby wetlands.

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