'Plastic bag ban' for Mt. Pleasant to be voted on Today

Mt. Pleasant, S.C. (WCIV) — Mount Pleasant Town Council members plan to vote Tuesday on what is commonly known as the "plastic bag ban."

If the plan is passed tomorrow, it would go into effect in one year.

Hailed as good for the environment, the ordinance would prohibit businesses and restaurants from using plastic bags and Styrofoam containers. It's referred to as an ordinance "pertaining to environmentally acceptable packaging and products."

Some local restaurant managers said they are not concerned about the ban being put in put in place and feel it would be good for the environment.

Greg Bores, president and owner of MidiCi Neapolitan pizza, feels the ban would result in a minor change to the restaurant.

"It's probably a good thing for everybody to move towards more eco-friendly products for restaurants and consumers to use," he said.

Chris Johnson, general manager of Liberty Taproom in Mount Pleasant agrees.

"I would imagine that most people that live in this area aren't really against it. The reality is that I don't want sea creatures affected by anything that my restaurant does."

Johnson feels the changes wouldn't affect his bottom line.

"It's probably a easy for me to figure out an alternative solution, but there alternately needs to be help with the smaller businesses here," he said.

The current rules in the ordinance states that business would have to pay fines for violating the ordinance. The fines reach up to $500 daily, with the possibility of business licenses being revoked if fines are not paid.

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