Tax deadline is April 17; what you need to know about getting an extension

The deadline to file your taxes for this year is April 17.

For those who need more time to file, Barry Schneiderman with BKS Tax Services in Mt. Pleasant, says to do so as soon as possible.

"People should think about filing an extension, if they're not prepared, it's really easy you can file online," he said.

Filing an extension on filing your taxes will give you until October 15.

Some people are concerned with what the new tax reform bill will mean for them when filing their taxes for this year.

Schneiderman says with the new tax reform, people should see a slight refund increase.

"Starting early February, people are seeing a little more take-home pay, and that's going to be reflected on their tax refund next year, but in most cases, there really won't be any loss of refund," he said.

To learn more on filing an extension on your taxes, click here.

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