Food Network to feature Home Team BBQ on national TV

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) — Aaron Siegel is stoking the flames for what could be a big boost to his business.

"I'll build this back up again," he said while using a shovel to re-position burning logs in an outdoor fire.

The small blaze erupts on a homemade pit on the patio of his downtown Charleston restaurant.

"We gotta get a little fire going here," Siegel said.

The pit master and chief operating partner of Home Team Barbeque says he isn't allowed to talk about who's visiting his Williman Street location. But ABC News 4 confirmed Food Network is shooting a TV program there.

"As they say, 'any press is good press.' And we certainly feel like these things are well produced. They're really professional crews. So we're confident they'll paint a good picture of us," Siegel said.

National TV exposure for Charleston's food scene isn't new. At nearby Tattooed Moose on Morrison Drive, a trademark signature from Guy Fieri reminds customers of the now-famous location.

"The Food Network presence definitely had a big impact on what F and B in this community is," said Lydia Ford, a bartender for the sandwich restaurant.

Employees say when Mike's Famous Duck Club was featured, along with their hand cut duck fat fries, the dining spot's popularity soared. Locals and tourists rewarded it.

"The episodes still air. And anytime we actually get a call letting us know that the episode aired one night to expect to busier the next day," said Babz Stoud, a bartender at Tattooed Moose.

That's what Aaron Siegel believes could happen to his barbeque venture.

"We always like to have fun with the TV episodes and do things that are a little out of the box and stuff like that," he said.

Filming of the program should wrap up Tuesday night. Producers didn’t want media crews at the restaurant because they wanted to keep the show a secret. No one would confirm when the episode will air on Food Network.

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