Gator comes calling, wakes up North Charleston couple

North Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) — A man and woman were woken up by an unexpected alarm clock Monday morning.

An alligator appeared on their front porch and caused a knocking that was loud enough to be suspicious, according to Louise Monteith.

Louise and her husband live along Waltham Road in North Charleston.

She said the alligator didn't seem very happy. He is "banging around," she said on Twitter.

The couple lives near a pond and has often seen alligators near the water. They've never had an alligator come to their door, Monteith said.

North Charleston Police responded to the couples home to help corral the alligator. Monteith says Gator Getters was able to contain the animal.

Photo: Louise Monteith via ABC News 4

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