Whose Yachts BIGGER?

Docked at the Charleston City Marina since Sunday, is owned by British investor Joe Lewis.  The 332-foot A blue-and-white super yacht Aviva is longer than a football field has been drawing attention at the Charleston City Marina.

81 year old Joe Lewis British investor's mobile office who lives in the Bahamas.

The $150 million Aviva is built around an indoor, full-sized padded tennis court, according to an inside look this spring by Boat International. Some of Lewis' $1 billion art collection reportedly sails around the world with him.

Lewis started in a family catering and later sold. He then moved to the Bahamas. While in the Bahamas he started Tavistock Group in 1975 - an investment company. According to Forbes - Lewis is worth $5 billion.


 Reports say that the Megadock opened at the marina in 2003 there was in 2013 the  454-foot Rising Sun, owned by entertainment mogul David Geffen.

Photo by: Staff/Brad Nettles - The Post and Courier

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