DOT updates I-526 west Wando bridge closure, repairs

The S.C. Dept. of Transportation is expected Wednesday to provide an update on the status of repairs to the James B. Edwards Bridge over the Wando River on I-526 westbound.

The Wando bridge has been closed since Monday, May 14, after DOT inspectors discovered one of the eight main support cables that stabilize the bridge was broken. A secondary cable was also found to be broken, and a third was damaged.

The bridge is expected to be closed until June 11. In the meantime, the DOT has reversed one lane on the eastbound side of the bridge to accommodate two-way traffic in the interest of alleviating traffic congestion on Daniel Island and in Mount Pleasant caused by the bridge closure.

This story will be updated with additional information from the press conference. An audio issue prevented live streaming of the video.

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