SC Secessionist Party files motions to mom's lawsuit re FB img of her kids

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Secessionist Party has filed several new motions in a lawsuit which claims they photographed a woman's children holding Confederate flags and misrepresented their personalities.

Alicia Greene filed a lawsuit against the party back in April. Her suit alleged she and her 7 and 8-year-old children, both black, were having a picnic at White Point Garden the same day as a pro-confederate flag rally in June 2017. The lawsuit states Greene's children went to admire a fire truck nearby at which point party members gave the children Confederate flags and took a photo of the children holding the flags without their permission. 

Later that afternoon, the lawsuit stated she was made aware that the party had posted the photo of her children holding the flags to the SC Secessionist Party Facebook page with the caption " #TeachTheYouthTheTruth" and "DixieRising."

The Secessionist Party filed a list of motions Friday saying they want some of the complaints from the lawsuit removed and that the mother herself be removed from the lawsuit. 

Greene said she received enough backlash about the post that she was forced to take down her own Facebook page. The post was eventually deleted, but not before it had been public for more than one day, according to the suit. 

The lawsuit states the personality of the children was misrepresented in the post and requested damages for defamation as well as punitive and actual damages. Secessionist Party leader James Bessenger is also named in the suit. 

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