Beer pong game leads to shootout in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Investigators have made an arrest after a game of beer pong led to a shootout early Saturday morning. 

The Summerville Police Department arrested 23-year-old Timothy Gainey of Moncks Corner. He's charged with attempted murder. 

The shootout happened near the intersection of Alwyn Boulevard and Miles Road in the Summerville Place subdivision just before 3:30 a.m., according to Capt. Cassandra Williams with the Summerville Police Department .

SPD investigators say Gainey was playing beer pong with a group of women when he dared one of them to kiss him and to show him her breasts.

According to police, Gainey confronted a man who was consoling one of the women following the dare. 

Investigators say someone then chased the man in his car and fired shots at him. Williams says the man fired back.

A neighbor heard the gunfire.

"I just woke up. I heard bap, bap, bap and that was it," Ed Williams said.

"This is real shocking. We've seen some normal traffic tickets, people racing up and down Alwyn Boulevard but nothing like this. This is a quiet neighborhood, this type of thing doesn't happen," said Ed Troneck who also lives in the neighborhood.

Williams says neither man was hurt. 

Summerville police officers, CCSO deputies respond to Summerville neighborhood 

The whole incident began on Saturday when Summerville police officers responded to a report of shots fired. 

Officers then came upon a scene where deputies with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office were investigating a wreck on the intersection of Von Oshen and Lincolnville roads. According to police, the vehicle was involved in a shooting on Alwyn Boulevard. 

The vehicle, a Ford Fusion, was in a ditch next to the railroad tracks. The officer said he saw eight 9mm shell casings at the intersection. 

The car had a bullet hole in one of its rear windows and a larger hole on another rear window. In addition, there were bullet holes in the right rear bumper. The officer reported that the front passenger door was open, and on the floorboard he saw a gun holster along with ammunition. 

Authorities say a CCSO deputy met with the driver, the 21-year-old victim, and had removed a .38 caliber handgun from the vehicle that belonged to the driver. The victim said he was shot at by an unknown suspect in a white Chevrolet pick-up. 

The victim said he was at a party with nine other people at a home on Alwyn Boulevard, playing "beer pong and getting along well." 

According to the victim, the game then evolved into a "type of dare game." The victim says Gainey dared a woman to kiss him while knowing that the woman had a boyfriend. 

A police report states the woman completed the dare and became upset about the incident. 

The victim said as he was trying to console the woman, Gainey became angry and began pushing the victim. The victim said he then left the home to avoid a confrontation. 

A police report states when the victim began to leave the home in his car, Gainey started to bang on his driver's door window "extremely hard." 

The victim said as he got onto Alwyn Boulevard, a white Chevrolet pick-up went around his vehicle and came to an abrupt stop in an attempt to block him from moving forward. 

According to the victim, Gainey was in the truck, but he wasn't sure if Gainey was the passenger or the driver. The victim says another man from the party and another unidentified male were also in the truck. 

When the victim got to an intersection, he said his rear window was shot out. The victim said at that point he started capturing video of the incident, and also armed himself with his gun. 

The victim said he fired five shots at the truck. A chase ensued in which the victim says shots were being fired from the truck 

When he attempted to make a turn on Von Oshen Road, his car went into a ditch, a report states. 

The victim said he then left his vehicle with his gun and ran into the woods.

According to the victim, someone continued to fire into his car after he had left. 

After the truck had left, the victim reported that someone had taken his wallet and his phone. 

Editor's Note: In an earlier version of this story, Live 5 included a picture of a home based on an address provided by police.  That address was incorrect and is not the location where the shootout happened.  We have removed the image and are happy to clarify the story.  

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