VIDEO - Family outing interrupted by gator dragging big fish to pond


A family outing at a resort in South Carolina turned out to be much more for a father and son who came across a gator dragging a big and bloated fish across the road. 

Daniel Martin said his family were spending time at the cabins at Short Stay this past weekend when he and his 10-year-old son, Nathan, decided to drive to the nearby shower facility Saturday night. 

"We drove up to this alligator pulling an object across the road," Martin said.

According to Martin, the object was strange looking and appeared to be a long dead and bloated fish. 

"It was being dragged from a secluded part of the lake across the road to a pond," Martin said. 

Martin said his son was captivated by the scene as Martin captured video of the gator.

Martin said the gator appeared to be seven to nine feet in length.  

"I had just passed the area 10 minutes earlier in the dark on an electric scooter," Martin said."Luckily didn't run into the gator at that time." 

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