Summer heat brings dangers for kids at playgrounds


The recent rise in heat across the Lowcountry is also causing a rise in danger.

During summer, several families will head to the playground to enjoy the sun. But that sun can also pose a threat to your kids’ safety.

“As the temperatures heat up, playground equipment can become very hot,” Medical Director of Trident Health System Emergency Departments Preston Wendell, MD said.

Wendell said that heat can cause minor burns for kids.

“A child going down a slide or resting on that equipment can get burned pretty quickly,” Wendell said.

Wendell said younger children are the most at risk, but kids of any age are susceptible to this kind of injury.

“They often like to take their shoes off, they often maybe have flip flops on,” Wendell said. “It is hot outside, so maybe they’re in dresses and shorts and things that expose their skin.”

Wendell said there’s an easy way to keep your kids safe. He said keeping them fully clothed, including keeping their shoes on, is the best thing to do.

Parents can also go to the equipment themselves to make sure it’s not too hot.

“It’s really important to kind of touch the equipment,” Wendell said.

Wendell said hot playground equipment is just the tip of the iceberg for dangers threatening kids.

“When the temperature gets up to where it is now, dehydration is crucial,” Wendell said. “And heat exhaustion, heat stroke are going to be much more risky.”

Wendell said a lot of water and reapplying sunscreen can help protect your kids from those dangers.

If your child does get burned by playground equipment and it seems serious, you should go to a doctor for medical attention.

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