SCDOT to spend $18 million on Tri-County road repairs in 2019


New plans released by the South Carolina Department of Transportation detail $417 million in road improvement projects for 2019 across the state of South Carolina.

The pavement, improvement and preservation projects are part of SCDOT’s six-year State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).

The new plans released by SCDOT show more than $18 million being spent on improvements to infrastructure in the Tri-County area.

"The roads are awful," Charleston resident Erin Lala said. "They really need help, there's tons of potholes, the roads are uneven, they don't even drain right."

Berkeley County will receive $6,222,554 for repairs, which will go toward seven roads.

The plan for Berkeley County includes paving more than two miles of Highway 52.

Plans from SCDOT show Charleston County is slotted to receive $8,199,458 for pavement improvement.

Many people living in Charleston County said they were excited to hear of repairs on the way, but some hope for more money to be allocated to improvements in infrastructure.

"That sounds like a really small budget to me, considering how small the roads are, so hopefully they get more money together," Charleston resident Erin Lala said.

That money will also target seven roads including Savannah Highway, Coleman Boulevard, Meeting Street and King Street.

SCDOT has planned for $3,853,997 to go toward improving 10 roads in Dorchester County, which includes about four miles of Dorange Road.

Several people living in the Tri-County area said repairs are much needed for roads in the Lowcountry.

"You will see potholes and things that have been patched and repaired, but they're pretty bad," Charleston resident Claudia Kays said.

In total, SCDOT plans to spend more than $18 million on road improvements for roads in the Tri-County area.

"It's noice to have a nice, flat road where you don't have to worry about just going to work, or coming home from work," Charleston resident John O'Brien said. "If the issue's resolved, it's a beautiful thing. I'm all for it."

Horry County will receive $10,582,192, which is more funding than any other county in South Carolina.

SCDOT budgeted only $2,305,476 for McCormick County, which is the least amount of funding SCDOT allocated for a single county in the state.

"Sometimes people driving at night, or they can't see, they run into a pothole or whatever," Kays said. "I just think that it's a safety issue."

SCDOT’s STIP plans to make improvements to pavements, bridges and related infrastructure in the state between 2017 and 2022.

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