New traffic signal in Mount Pleasant delayed until Wednesday


The new traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 17 and Faison Road/National Drive is expected to be fully functional starting on Wednesday according to officials in the transportation department of Mount Pleasant.

The light has been flashing yellow and red since last week and was supposed to be fully up and running on Monday.

While flashing mode continues, cars on Faison Road and National Drive will see a flashing red signal and on these roads, drivers will still be required to stop for cars on Highway 17. The cars on Highway 17 will see a flashing yellow signal and should use caution through the intersection.

The U.S. 17 left turns will also continue to be required to yield to oncoming traffic. Once the traffic signal is placed in full operations this week, signal timings will be observed and modified as needed as traffic continues to normalize over the days and weeks following the switch to full operation.

Questions may be directed to James Aton (843) 849-5360.

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