Charleston cat found in Maine after hitchhiking unnoticed


When Michael and Meredith Welch let their cat Lucy out on June 25 to play in the yard, they had no idea that she would go a little further than usual.

"We let her out, she goes out every night, that’s her normal thing,” said Michael Welch, Lucy’s owner.

In fact, she traveled over one-thousand miles from her home in Charleston to Falmouth, Maine.

"We have no idea what is going on with this cat," Welch said."For more than a week there and once we found out that she is in Maine it’s kind of like okay, well we know where she is, but she’s in Maine. Like whoa that’s a long way away and there’s nothing we can do about it." 

The Welch's neighbor found Lucy four days later when she unpacked her car in Maine.

Lucy jumped out from under the passenger seat and took off.

"There were a lot of different sightings all around, so who knows how far she went and where she actually went,” said Welch.

Welch posted in Falmouth lost pet groups on Facebook, asking people to keep an eye out for his long-lost pet.

The Homeless Animal Rescue Shelter saw the posts and took to searching.

"There were posters and signs. She had like ten different volunteers and they all canvased the neighborhood,” said Welch.

HART volunteer Lisa Smith found her this past Saturday only three houses from where Lucy jumped out of her spot in the Welch's neighbor's car.

"I mean what else can we do. These people are amazing. They are all volunteers and did it out of their good will,” said Welch.

Lucy will be returning to the Lowcountry on Thursday with another volunteer who already planned on coming to Columbia this week.

The Welch family says they are more than excited to finally see their fluffy companion after being apart for almost a month.

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