System failure at Roper St. Francis causes surgery cancellations


A hardware failure in network storage at Roper St. Francis has had the hospital's system down since Saturday, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Andy Lyons, the Director of Corporate Communications for Roper St. Francis, said some systems were still offline Tuesday night.

The failure caused some surgeries to be canceled, and patients said they have been unable to schedule an appointment online.

Miles West, a Roper hospital patient of eight years, said he has had pneumonia since late June. This system failure has made it hard for him to get treatment he needed on Saturday.

"They were like, 'Sorry, all our phones are down, all our systems are down,'" West said. "I said, 'What's the wait time?' She's like, 'Honey, I can't even check you in.'"

Because of that, West walked across the street to MUSC for treatment. But he said he ran into even more complications with the doctor there.

"They said they wouldn't be able to access my chest xray from Roper that was done on Friday because their systems were down," West said.

MUSC officials couldn't confirm that access to patient records from Roper has been a widespread issue at their hospital.

Lyons said he wasn't sure if other hospitals accessing patient records had been a problem.

"It's just ridiculous," West said.

Lyons said hospitals are still seeing patients as they work to bring all systems back online.

Lyons said any patient with questions or concerns is welcome to contact the hospital by calling (843) 402-CARE.

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