Blessing boxes across Lowcountry in need of donations


If you've ever seen a little wooden box full of food in the Lowcountry, then the chances are you have stumbled into a Blessing box.

The project began when a James Island resident wanted to do something more for those in the community who needed a little extra help to make ends meet. 

The creator of the Blessing Box Project, Katie Dahlheim said that the simple idea is about giving.

“The beauty of it the idea being that if you are leaving something here, then you are leaving it with the very open heart of whoever comes and gets it that’s who needs it and not judging at all,” Dahlheim said.  

With 48 boxes scattered through Charleston, donations are often being taken within hours of being put in.

"The end of the month especially is when we find that no matter where the boxes are low or empty,” said Dahlheim. 

Volunteers say that anything that can be given could have the power to change someone’s life. 

"Any nonperishables, toiletries, school supplies, pet food, diapers, baby formula, as long as it won’t go bad in the South Carolina heat, in July then it would be okay for the box,” said Dahlheim. 

To keep up with the high demand, current participants are encouraging donations from anyone who is able. They say there is “no such thing as a small donation”.

A Facebook page called the “Lowcountry Blessing Box Project” is available for anyone who is looking for somewhere to donate or that may need some help themselves. 

Anyone who donates or takes items does remain anonymous.

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