Summerville PD officer firing on car that attempted to run him over


Authorities have released video which they say shows a Summerville police officer firing at a car which attempted to run him over and led to the two occupants being shot. 

It happened in the early morning hours of July 20 and ended with the arrest of 20-year-old Gleenwood Redden and 19-year-old Xavier Hunter who both sustained gunshot wounds. 

Officers had been investigating reports of two people attempting to break into homes in the area of the Pine Forest Country Club and the White Gables Subdivision when the incident occurred. 

The video shows a Summerville police officer attempting to stop a vehicle.

"Stop!" the officer can be heard telling the occupants of the car."Put the car in park! Put the car in park!"

The video shows the car continuing to move after the officer's commands. 

Authorities say the car then struck the officer who then discharged his weapon. The officer then can be heard directing other officers in the direction of the suspect's vehicle. 

The suspects were captured following a car chase whose video was also released.  

Hunter, the passenger of the car, had sustained a gunshot wound and was detained on the scene.

Redden, who was the driver of the vehicle, fled on foot and later detained at Trident Hospital with a gunshot wound, said Thom Berry with SLED. 

Redden and Hunter were subsequently arrested after being released from Trident Hospital. 

Hunter was charged with breaking into motor vehicles, while Redden was charged with attempted murder.

Both Hunter and Redden were being held at the Dorchester County Detention Center.  Berry said there have been 21 officer-involved shootings in South Carolina this year. He said last year there were 49.

Officers report to suspicious activity

The whole thing began when an officer responded to a home on Innisbrook Bend where a resident said he saw two men exit a car and go into the yard of several homes and pull on doors. 

According to witnesses, when one of the men were spotted, he hid behind a vehicle as the other suspect got into his vehicle and picked him up. 

The vehicle then fled towards the rear of the Pine Forest Country Club. 

The officer said he also received information that the suspect and vehicle were in the White Gables neighborhood, with the suspects attempting to break into other homes. 

Another officer had already responded to the area and reported that he had two men at gunpoint. 

The officer reported on the radio that the vehicle had fled, had almost struck him and that shots were fired. A police report states that the officer had been struck by the suspects' vehicle.  

As officers were chasing the suspects' vehicle, it lost control and slid into a tree on Congressional Boulevard, investigators say. 

The officer on scene said he saw one of the men run from the driver side of the vehicle. 

He also found a passenger, identified as Hunter who had a difficult time standing up.

Hunter told the officer that he had been shot in the leg. 

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