Joint Base Charleston notifies airmen of possible breach of personal info


Approximately 200 service members may have been affected by a mistake at a medical clinic that caused a potential breach of personal information of current and former airmen at Joint Base Charleston.

The base says folders of paper records were improperly created at a base clinic. On Friday, JBC spokesman Marvin Krause insists the electronic service treatment records for the service members are fully intact and secure within the Department of Defense's protected medical records system.

A former airman says he received a letter from the 628th medical group mentioning a "potential privacy issue."

The letter states officials learned that the former airman's protected health information may have been compromised. That includes his home address, full name, date of birth and social security number.

The letter said based on a preliminary investigation there was "no malicious intent."

We reached out to Joint Base Charleston for an explanation.

In an email, spokesman Marvin Krause said the medical group recently discovered that there were hard copy folders containing personal information and that those hard copies should never have been made.

Krause says the clinic immediately created a corrective policy to destroy those records, adding that it appears no one's personal information has been stolen.

Krause says the electronic medical records and information were not affected.

However, in the letter, the clinic urged the former airman to immediately place an initial fraud alert on his credit file for 90 days.

The clinic says it is reviewing their current policies and procedures to "determine what must be changed" to prevent anything similar from happening again.

Krause has not said whether anyone has been disciplined for what happened.

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