Folly Beach Officials Warn of Portuguese Man o' War Stings

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - City officials on Folly Beach are advising visitors to take caution after recent stings from Portuguese man o' war.

The creatures rarely cross paths with beachgoers in South Carolina, officials with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources say, but sustained onshore winds have temporarily brought them to our shores.

The man o' war has long venomous tentacles that can inflict a painful sting to swimmers or even beach walkers. 

The stings cause red welts on the skin that can last up to three days often resulting in severe dermatitis. The pain general subsides after three hours. If stung, the recommended treatment is vinegar and warmth.

Folly Beach officials are telling people to call dispatch if stung at 843-588-2433. 

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Photo: Jed Christoph

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