Eastbound nightly lane closure of Wando Bridge


SCDOT crews are planning to shut down one eastbound lane of the Wando Bridge starting Sunday in connection to continuing efforts to repair the bridge after crews discovered a snapped cable which led to the closure of westbound lanes in May. 

That lane closure is expected to happen between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. on Sunday (Aug. 19) through Tuesday (Aug. 21). 

During this time, officials say one eastbound lane will remain open while work is being done. 

According to SCDOT, the closure is being put in place for electrical work being done on the bridge below the deck related to the ongoing work to repair and improve the cable system. 

Last month, SCDOT officials said it could be another 18 months before the work on the Wando Bridge is completely done

This past May a damaged cable was found during a routine inspection of the bridge. 

Crews described the damaged piece as a snapped 4-inch in diameter 1,000-foot cable.

The westbound lanes of the bridge remained closed for weeks as crews worked to replace the cable. 

The SCDOT said major problems with the bridge were first noted during a 2010 biennial inspection.

The findings included signs of water intrusion, corrosion and even pictures of duct tape being used for connections in the bridge.

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