More than 1,000 jellyfish stings reported in the Lowcountry


The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission treated over 1,100 jellyfish stings on Kiawah, Folly Beach, and IOP last weekend.

It’s become a common trend up and down the coast.

One family even had three members get stung on Folly Beach on Friday. 

“I was in the water, and I just felt like the sliminess," one 13-year-old said." I ran out of the water, and I felt it burning."

If you get stung, don’t worry.There’s a couple easy tips to relieve the pain.

“Go get some wet sand and rub it on there,” said Max Hutton, a lifeguard trainer for the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission.

“The goal of that is like if you get a bee sting you use a credit card to get it out," Hutton said."The sand works to get all the little stingers out. And, then we have you wash it with salt water, and that helps calm any stinging cells that are left. Then we tell you to avoid fresh water for an hour to an hour-and-a-half.”

A Folly Beach firefighter also says that if you go camping and have a portable shower pouch, bring that with you.

Fill it up with salt water and let it heat up during the day, so if you get stung you can take that water and apply it to the sting.

Both the Isle of Palms and Folly Beach fire departments want to remind you that a jellyfish sting is not a 911 emergency unless there is some sort of allergic reaction.

Here is a breakdown of reported jellyfish stings in the Lowcountry reported this past weekend. 

Kiawah Beachwalker – 18 

Folly Beach County Park – 119 

FB Pier – 488 

IOP – 501

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