Bond set for Citadel officer accused of sexually abusing former cadet


A judge set bond Wednesday for an officer at The Citadel accused of using alcohol and his power of authority to commit sex crimes on a former cadet.

Kenneth Boes, 56, surrendered himself to State Law Enforcement Division agents Wednesday morning. Boes is facing one charge of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and the transfer of beer or wine to a person under the age of 21.

Boes and the victim became workout partners, according to the affidavit. The affidavit also states that on or around Sept. 29, 2017, Boes and the victim visited Boes' campus office after leaving the gym and, with the door closed and locked, Boes forcibly kissed the victim on his lips. The kiss was reportedly unsolicited.

Boes would also invite the victim to his on-campus residence on or around Nov. 10, where he would supply the victim with alcohol and unknown white pills Boes told the victim would prevent hangovers, according to the affidavit. 

When the victim took the pills, the affidavit states the victim became dizzy. Boes reportedly performed unsolicited sexual acts on the cadet while he was physically helpless. The victim blacked out while the sexual acts continued, and he awoke the next morning in the same bed as Boes.

When the victim asked Boes about the events of the previous night, Boes reportedly replied that it was "quid pro quo" for what he had done for the victim, according to the affidavit.

In bond court, a victim's advocate read a statement from the 20-year-old alleged victim.

"He used his position of power within the confines of the Citadel to force me to satisfy his terrible sexual appetite,” the statement read. “He lured me in and I had nowhere to go. After months of abuse, I could no longer bear it. I came forward to police in hopes of preventing this from happening to another person at the Citadel.”

A judge set bond at $25,000 and ordered Boes to stay away from his accuser.

Boes' wife came to the hearing to support her husband and said the accuser has been to their home many times and at one time even dated their daughter.

It was a surprise. I didn’t realize a rejection from a girl would be a part of his tailspin. But I think there’s deeper issues and I’m just sorry that this is the path he took,” Heidi Boes said.

Boes says she and her husband have mentored cadets in for 18 years, and she believes in this case he has done nothing wrong.

“I have all the faith in the world, yes," she said. "We love him and our family and friends are supportive. This just hopefully is a day that hopefully will go away.”

The Citadel received allegation of abuse in May

According to the Citadel, Boes is a TAC officer, teaching, advising and coaching cadets. He also assists in military leadership training.

Citadel Vice President for Marketing and Communications John Dorrian says the school received an allegation of sexual abuse back in May. Dorrian says the allegation was immediately reported to SLED.

He also says the school's Commandant reassigned Boes and issued a no-contact order prohibiting interaction with cadets and students pending the outcome of the investigation.

Dorrian says the Citadel is cooperating with SLED in their investigation.

A publically available PDF listed Boes as a TAC officer for 2017-18 on The Citadel website Wednesday morning, which has since been taken down. 

Boes himself attended The Citadel on a four-year Army ROTC scholarship and was designated as a distinguished military graduate, according to his biography which has since been taken down. As a Batallion TAC officer, he oversaw 450 cadets and was selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in May 2016. 

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