Pet Helpers to aid dogs saved from South Korean meat farm


Pet Helpers says it will be taking in five dogs Wednesday morning which were saved from a South Korean meat farm.

They will arrive from Washington, D.C. after Humane Society International reportedly saved more than 170 dogs from the dog meat farm and flew them to shelters in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for care and rehabilitation, according to spokeswoman Carrie Browning-Perez. 

At the farm, the dogs were kept in deprived conditions with wire cages and limited access to veterinary care, Browning-Perez said. 

"HSI believes that with young Koreans increasingly rejecting dog eating, there has never been a better time to phase out the dog meat trade and usher in the ‘cultural new horizon’ of compassion," Browning-Perez said. "A combination of growing societal shame, increased difficulty in selling dogs as appetite for dog meat declines, and regret at the suffering of dogs, leads farmers to approach HSI for a practical ‘way out’."

The dogs will be examined and quarantined for a short time before they're available for adoption. 

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