Sheriff’s office: Summerville nightclub causing problems


The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office says a Summerville nightclub is causing problems for its deputies.

The sheriff’s office says it’s trying to iron out the issues with the 20 Grand bar and lounge located on Dorchester Road near Trolley Road.

On August 19, Dorchester County deputies were called to the club for a report of a shooting and fire.

The sheriff’s office says deputies have been spending too much time responding to calls at the club.

“Every time we’ve had to respond it’s with numbers. It’s taking our deputies away from other calls for service and patrolling efforts and our efforts to suppress crime in other areas of the county,” Chief Sam Richardson said Thursday.

Incident reports and call logs provided by the sheriff’s office show in the last four months alone, deputies have responded to more than 50 calls at the nightclub.

Those calls were for simple assault, disturbances and a call Wednesday morning about someone pointing a gun at another person.

“They just get out of hand out here, you know?” Chris Zealy said.

Zealy owns a tattoo parlor in the same shopping center as the nightclub.

“They trash the parking lot. It doesn’t really do anything for us. It kind of deters people away I believe,” Zealy said.

Richardson says his office is hoping for a solution.

“We’d like a peaceful, viable solution in terms of good cooperation from the ownership without having to resolve to shutting the club down,” Richardson said.

Zealy says he’d like to see the club closed for good.

“I would like to see something better come into this area, something a little more classy, maybe help promote business all the way around,” Zealy said.

One of the owners of 20 Grand told us the business is under new ownership and said they’ve had no problems there since taking over a few months ago.

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