Palmetto rose program trains new artisans


Some kids in downtown Charleston are taking new steps to sell palmetto roses through Saturday morning's Palmetto Artisan training.The training teaches kids things they need to know to sell the roses legally."We figured out it's not the rose kids that have their license that's causing the problem, what it is, it's some of the older kids and outside kids that aren't a part of it," said Palmetto Artisan Founder Carly David.

In August, the city of Charleston started a new palmetto rose task force which has now been broken up into four groups. A member of the task force said the groups will focus on businesses and partnership, enforcement, mentorship, and job opportunities for the kids once they leave the program."I think we're always looking forward to something that is better for anybody and it just sort of evolves," Palmetto Artisan Founder Jenny Whittle said. Da'Quan Parker went through the palmetto artisan training on Saturday after encouragement from his mom to sell the roses legally.Parker knew how to make them before the class, but said he learned some skills he didn't have, "How to sell them and how to treat the customers and how to treat the customers," Parker said.Teachers and police officers were also there Saturday to help the kids enter the program."Today was perfect because officers came with us for the program and they learned how to make roses themselves and realize that we are all on one team," Parker said.

A member of the palmetto rose task force said they hope to have a program recommended by the to the mayor end of the year.

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