City of Chs prepping storm drains ahead of potential Florence rainfall


The City of Charleston's Storm Water team was preparing for potential Hurricane Florence impacts on Monday by clearing out hotspot drains and ditches.

"We want to try and get ahead of it as much as possible especially if we know we have a lot of raining coming and we want to keep everything open especially for emergency personnel and things like that," said Ryan Dews, superintendent of Street and Sidewalk Operations for the City of Charleston

Dews said extra crews were brought in on Monday to assist in clearing out and drains that are frequent trouble areas.

"We've even brought in some temporary workers through a couple agencies around time, so we'll be using those guys to supplement our normal crews we have in the street and we're taking calls in from residents," Dews said."We're checking our normal areas that we call hot spots around the city. We have some in the peninsula, West Ashely, Shadowmoss area, and James and Johns Island as well. We're checking area we normally check and areas where people are calling in."

When it comes to handling flooding during the storm, Dews said they're planning operations to help keep roads cleared during the storm, if flooding does occur.

"We'll have our guys staged at the fire stations around the city, so we'll have crews here straight through the storm," Dews said. "We'll have six locations we normally use, and we'll have a crew there with equipment and some trucks as well."

Dews said they will have crews stationed and ready for the storm starting on Wednesday and until the we are in the clear.

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