Berkeley County announces increase for water rate, impact fees

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Berkeley County officials announced Monday some residents will see a fee increase on their water bills on their November bills.

Berkeley County Water and Sanitation customers will have a 10 percent water rate increase on their November statement, according to county spokeswoman Hannah Moldenhauer. For the average customer that uses 7,000 gallons of water, that means an increase of $2.94 of their monthly bill.

Sewer rates and late fees won’t be changed, Moldenhauer said.

Those who use the landfill will also see an increased rate beginning Oct. 1. Construction debris disposal will now cost $36 per ton, which is a $4 increase. The fee for disposing passenger car and truck tires will go up $68 to $175 per ton. Citizens are still allowed to bring five tires per day without rims and wheels to the county’s convenience centers.

The water impact fee, which applies to any new water service, is also now $2,200, up from $1,350.

Berkeley County Council approved the Berkeley County Water and Sanitation budget in September.

“The rate and fee increases are necessary to keep pace with the growth in Berkeley County,” Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Executive Director Douglas Smits said. “The landfill fee adjustments will help the County to more effectively manage the volume we’re taking-in at the landfill. With the water rate adjustments, we will continue to operate as efficiently as possible while providing high quality water. Importantly, the rate increase will also support the maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructure.”

Anyone with questions should call BCWS customer service at 843-572-4400.

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