Dorchester Paws Animal Shelter tackles stray animal overpopulation

DORCHESTER CO., SC (WCSC) - Officials at a Lowcountry animal shelter are taking their own initiative to control an issue they say they see every day.

Dorchester Paws, which usually takes in approximately 3,200 animals a year, has started to spray and neuter stray animals on their own site.

The stray overpopulation in the area is something they say they have been dealing with for years, but they hope to put an end to it.

“Most aren’t spayed or neutered, it’s important to spay or neuter your pets so you don’t contribute to the crisis,” says Jami Bunton, the Dorchester Paws Marketing Manager.

Bunton says that before they had to send the animals to another place to have the surgery, which took too much time and too many resources. She went on to say that many animals aren’t adopted because the families don’t want to pay to have the surgery, but she says now that will change since they opened their spay-neuter clinic.

“Having it on site just opens a whole new resource for the shelter and the community. This past week was the first week we have performed over 60 surgeries on site in our brand-new clinic,” says Bunton.

She says this new resource could change the population crisis over the next few years.

“This clinic can one day help limit the numbers we are seeing come in, says Bunton.

Dorchester paws says they are hoping to open the clinic to the public at the beginning of the year, making the shelter a local and low cost resource for the county.

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