Hundreds come together for vigil for slain Florence police officer

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A city is in mourning after Sgt. Terrance Carraway was shot and killed Wednesday evening.

Hundreds of people came together Thursday night for a candlelight vigil to continue the grieving process with one another.

People filled the pews of First Baptist Church, many of whom had tears in their eyes as memories and stories of Terrance were shared.

Carraway’s friend of 26 years attended the vigil.

Avery Hewitt said he can’t believe something like this could happen, especially involving several officers at once. Now he says he is left to mourn the loss of his loving friend.

“He was everything. A mentor, a coach. He was a comedian, loving, you name it. The best of the best. If you have a bad day and see him, your day would be turned around,” Hewitt said.

Florence Police Chief Allen Heidler also spoke at a press conference Thursday talking about the devastation of the shooting.

“This is the most tragic event during the 35 years of being with the Florence Police Department to have occurred in this area,” Heidler said.

Hewitt says he is just looking for closure.

“I think everyone coming here needs a little peace or a feeling of one more time saying,'He was a good man,' and I knew him. And I need that one last feeling with him,” says Hewitt.

Several chaplains and religious community leaders spoke at the vigil, all talking about how the City of Florence needs to be together and love each other a little more.

A memorial and visitation will be held Monday morning at the Florence center for Carraway that will be open to the public..

Three other officers were also hospitalized for their shooting injuries, one still remains in the hospital tonight.

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