Man builds hurricane-proof house in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) -A Charleston man is taking his family’s safety into his own hands by building homes to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Geoff Hawes moved to the Lowcountry from England 20 years ago. He said that when he got to the area, he realized that he needed a home that would last through anything.

“We do live here, this is a reality that we face, we want to be safe, want our family safe, want to show people they can build this way to be safe,” Hawes said.

Hawes said he builded the home’s frame out of Aluminum and bolted the windows and doors to the frame so that the house is completely safe.

“Everything we do, whether big medium small, or even tiny, is all Category 5 rated, so it can withstand winds 200 mph plus,” Hawes said.

He built a home for his parents and his own family, and now Hawes is working on another “Cat 5 Home” in Summerville for his mother-in-law that also doubles as a “tiny home”.

“They’re built to last, that’s the main thing, minimal damage in a storm, windows, doors, all bolted to the structure,” says Hawes. “The most important thing is that our family is safe, so that’s what we make possible.”

With Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael both coming into the Charleston area, Hawes says these houses are ready for anything they could have brought.

Hawes said that, right now, he is only building these homes for his family but he hopes to offer his services to the public one day. Hawes can be reached at 843-375-2424 or

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