Durham school buses still causing concerns

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some parents are saying their children are still not being picked up and dropped off at their assigned bus stops.

Tremayne Burgess said his a son, who goes to Morningside Middle School, along with other children who live on Haynes Street are not being picked up on time at their bus stops.

He said the bus either shows up 30 to 45 minutes late, or not at all.

“Kids are coming to school late,” said Burgess. “There’s actually kids that aren’t coming to school at all because unfortunately both parents have to work so they’re not going to school.”

According to Burgess, this has been going on since the beginning of the school year and the kids are also getting dropped off blocks away from the designated bus stop.

He’s one of many parents who have complaints and he said he hasn’t gotten anywhere with the Charleston County School District and Durham School Services.

The Charleston County School District reports they had 370 complaints about late buses and 568 complaints regarding stop locations for the start of this school year.

But they said it was important to note that Durham has run over 53,000 bus routes since the beginning of the year, and that the district was the second-largest in the state.

Brittany Mead, who also lives in North Charleston, said her 5-year-old son was dropped off at the wrong bus stop at the beginning of the school year.

“It was at least about an hour or so before we found him," Mead said."The bus driver should’ve done what they were supposed to do and let my child off at the correct bus stop with a parent present.”

Her child attends Hunley Park Elementary and she said her son had a red tag on his book bag which means he should be checked and dropped off only if there’s an adult present.

In a statement to Live 5 news CCSD said:

“Regarding the stop for the bus goes to Morningside, Durham was inadvertently dropping students off 700 feet from the designated stop. That has been corrected. Regarding the matter with the bus for Hunley Park, our records indicate that happened on the first day of school. It was corrected the same day; the stop location had to be changed due to construction.”

Durham School Services said they have reached out to Burgess and resolved the matter.

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