Charleston city council could consider banning plastic bags

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston committee is taking another look at a possible ordinance that would ban single-use plastic within the city limits.

The Resilience and Sustainability advisory committee will meet Thursday morning to discuss the issue. If approved, it would then go to city council for review. If it’s ratified at the council level, it still wouldn’t take effect for another year.

Members from the committee say they’re proposing this ban in hopes to better the community.

Mark Wilburt, the Chief Resiliency Officer for the City of Charleston, said this is an important step to help the environment and our bodies.

“There’s emerging science on the effects on humans for microplastics and so you know, it’s just a good thing to do,” he said. “And Charleston is an area we want to keep clean and keep the city where people want to keep coming to.”

If the ordinance takes effect, there would be some heavy fines including $200 for the first offense, $350 for the season $500 for every violation after that. Violations would include any business using single-use plastic bags. Businesses also wouldn’t be able to sell or use disposable food containers that are made from styrofoam.

Plastic straws, plastic forks, spoons and knives, dry-cleaning bags, and any plastic used to wrap food or flowers would remain an exception.

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