New flood task force aims to solve Charleston County flood problems

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A new Flood Prevention Task Force came together on Wednesday to bring flood relief for people living in Charleston County.

The Countywide Intergovernmental Flood Prevention Task Force Committee is made up of elected officials who are working to bring the flood-related agencies together to solve flooding issues.

“When they’re all together and all in the same room the maintenance gets broken up, they all agree and everyone’s rowing in the same direction and we see a lot of progress,” South Carolina State Senator Sandy Senn said.

On Wednesday, the committee went to several neighborhoods hearing from people who have had flooding issues.

There were engineers from the City of Charleston, Charleston County, and SCDOT.

With all entities in one place, Senn said the goal is to quickly determine whose pipes are whose and make plans to fix maintenance-related flood issues.

The task force is focused on fixing maintenance issues, such as cleaning drains and pipes.

“These are things government entities plan for and they’ve already budgeted for, so it’s not a big ask not like some major projects,” Senn said.

On Wednesday, agencies were working together and discussing what could be done on their end, in conjunction with adjoining agencies.

Senn said if you hare having flood-related issues in Charleston County, you can call the Charleston County Delegation at (843)740-5855.

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