Sewage overflow in North Charleston could take a week to repair

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A sewage overflow in a North Charleston neighborhood could last for as long as a week, according to officials with the North Charleston Sewer District.

Workers discovered a hole in a sewer pipe at 9 a.m. Thursday morning in the Wando Woods community.

The hole was found between Apple Street and Floyd Circle, which is located in a marsh along the Ashley River.

“I’m just curious to know how much is actually flowing into the river and how much that’s affecting the wildlife in there,” Wando Woods resident Allen Martin said.

NCSD was sending equipment and contractors to the area on Thursday to start repairs, according to a spokesperson.

Officials from NCSD are warning people living in the Wando Woods community to use caution and avoid the marsh area.

Martin, who lives in that community, said he sees people boating, fishing and even swimming in the water near the sewage overflow often, which has him concerned for the safety of his neighbors.

“You know, I was just surprised because I was kayaking just last night, and come to find this out—I wonder what else is out there,” Martin said.

Martin said his primary concern is whether his neighbors know about the spill. He said unless he walked by a warning sign posted by NCSD along the Ashley River, he wouldn’t be aware of the hole in the pipe.

“We have a pretty knit community, we have a Facebook page and everything else,” Martin said. “We monitor that quite a bit and there’s no word of it.”

Over the phone, NCSD Executive Director Jarred Jones said NCSD posted the notice on its website, put up warning signs in the community, contacted local news outlets and posted on social media to get the word out.

Jones also said the Department of Health and Environmental Control will be advising NCSD on how to move forward to keep the area clean and safe for people.

Jones said Thursday that residents should not expect any sewage backups in their homes.

There is no word yet on how long the hole has existed in the pipe or what caused the hole.

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