Folly Beach Considers marshfront management plan

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Folly Beach is developing a marshfront management plan.

The city says it is the first of its kind here in South Carolina, and the plan is still in its early stages.

On Monday night , the coastal geologist for the plan, Dr. Nicole Elko, gave a presentation about the plan to City Council and the Planning Commission.

Officials say this comprehensive plan will identify marsh-related issues and later will work on recommendations to solve them.

The plan was an effort made after the 2017 Sea-level Rise Adaptation Report showed that the marshes were extremely vulnerable to flooding.

“We really saw that the flood impacts were gonna be on the back end of the island,” said Spencer Wetmore, city administrator for Folly Beach. “On the backside of the island, the only thing standing between us and a tidal surge is the marsh."

After identifying the concerns with the marshes, officials will educate developers and property owners on flood risks and then make recommendations for zoning and building regulations.

Officials are hoping for community feedback, but it seems like many are on board for this project.

Folly Beach resident Matt Napier said, “Folly Beach would not only catch up in ecological and marsh protections, Folly would become a positive example for other beach communities as well."

There will be a meeting specifically for the public about this plan on Nov. 20.

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