SC Aquarium holds ‘DreamNight’ event for MUSC Children’s Hospital patients

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Aquarium held its fourth annual “DreamNight” event on Monday.

The event was made specifically for MUSC Children’s Hospital patients and their families.

The idea behind it is to give children battling illnesses a chance to enjoy being a kid.

“The gamut of illnesses is quite large but each one of these kids at the end of the day is a kid and kids like to play," said Dr. Mark Cheurer, the chief for Children and Women’s Services at MUSC. "They love to learn, and the South Carolina aquarium is a fantastic place to do both.”

The private event gives the children an opportunity to explore all the aquarium has to offer.

They got to look at exhibits, learn about marine life, and really enjoy being a kid. Officials from MUSC said that many of the kids are faced with tough diseases and illnesses like cancer.

Some of them must go through things like heart surgery and organ transplants.

Volunteers said that they wanted to participate after seeing what events like this do for the children.

They said it really brings a smile to their faces.

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