You Paid for It: CCSD unexplained legal fees

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In September, the Charleston County School Board decided to hire attorney Wilbur Johnson with the Young Clement Rivers law firm to investigate after our series of stories about former school employee Marvin Gethers.

We’ve asked the district several times how much that investigation and report cost taxpayers but have not gotten a final answer.

We checked the district’s check registers and found a payment to Young Clement Rivers law firm every month since July, totaling $12,679.81.

I asked CCSD’s attorneys for invoices and descriptions of those payments.

They responded saying they are choosing to invoke attorney/client privilege and refuse to disclose what those $12,000 in attorney payments were for.

We have no idea if those attorney payments are connected to the Gethers investigation or not.

We asked again for the cost of the Wilbur Johnson investigation.

The school district’s report from Johnson was completed last week and shown to school board members in executive session.

But a CCSD spokesman said they will not be releasing a copy of that report or telling us what was in it until all investigations are complete.

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